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Beschreibung: Multilevel Abenteuer kommen wie in LG! ADCP1-1 Jungle Hunt

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Abenteuer nur für "Adventure Companys"
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Wenn ihr noch keine Adventure Company mit anderen Mitspielern gegründet habt, könntet ihr das mal nagehen. Denn bald kommen Abenteuer nur für diese Gruppen heraus:

ADCP1-1 Jungle Hunt (Wizards Play Network Public Play Only)
[ be announced....]. Are you and your companions up to the challenge? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in [ be announced....] for characters levels 1-14. At least four of the characters in the party must be members of the same Adventuring Company in order to play this adventure, and all of the characters at the same table must be within a single level band (1-4, 4-7, 7-10, or 11-14).
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D&D im Raum Rhein/Main Wiesbaden:
"Piraten der Schwertküste" - Kampagnenlogbuch:,25299.0.html


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Abenteuer nur für "Adventure Companys"
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Außerdem wird es doch verstärkt Multilevel Abenteuer geben:

SPEC1-3 Ghosts of the Past (Wizards Play Network Public Play Until January 1, 2010)
[ be announced....] A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in [ be announced....] for characters levels 1-14. There are four versions of this adventure, one for each level band. All of the characters at the same table must be within a single level band (1-4, 4-7, 7-10, or 11-14).[/quote]
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D&D im Raum Rhein/Main Wiesbaden:
"Piraten der Schwertküste" - Kampagnenlogbuch:,25299.0.html


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Abenteuer nur für "Adventure Companys"
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Die aktuellen Infos über Adventuring Companys stehen im aktuellen RPGA Character Creation Guide:

Adventuring Companies
In the FORGOTTEN REALMS, adventurers often band together
under a common cause or motivation. These groups are
commonly called adventuring companies, but they really
could represent any collective of adventurers organizing as a
long-term group; for example, they could be part of an
extended family or clan, a small religious sect, or a special
team in a military organization.
In the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, you can form
such a group with fellow players, declaring your affiliation
with other characters that share your character’s goals and
motives. Here’s how it works.

Adventuring Company Requirements
Your first step is to get together with fellow players that want
to form an adventuring company. You might create a group
of characters that all share a common background, or you
might just decide to form an adventuring company with
existing characters that have a previous connection with
each other or are banding together for practical reasons.
One person or a small council should act as the scribe
for the adventuring company, in charge of maintaining the
company’s roll. This could be as simple as typing up a
spreadsheet of all the character’s names, or a complex as
maintaining a website with forums and chat functionality.
It’s up to you.

• Adventuring companies must have an accessible
roll sheet showing current members. The only
required information on the roll sheet is player name,
character name, and RPGA number.
• Each player may only have one character enrolled
in a given adventuring company. If you have
multiple characters and you want each of them to be
a part of an adventuring company, they must belong
to different companies.
• Adventuring companies must contain at least 4
characters. If an adventuring company’s roll ever
drops below 4 characters, it is inactive (its characters
gaining no benefits for being a part of the company)
until such time as its roll rises to 4 characters or the
company chooses to disband. You can have as many
members in an adventuring company as you want, so
long as there’s only one character to every player.
• Adventuring companies can have additional
character requirements decided upon by the
founders of the company. You can found an
adventuring company with any sort of requirement
you want, as long as it’s based on characters, not
players. For example, if you wanted to form a
dwarven clan, you could specify that all members
must be dwarves. Or, if you wanted to have a secret
sect of Sehanine, you could specify that all members
must worship Sehanine. You could base membership
requirements on race, class, level, region, affiliation
with another organization, obtaining a particular story
object, having a certain group of powers (such as
spellscarred), or anything else decided upon. The
requirements can be as specific or as general as you
like, although the more requirements you make, the
less likely your company will be appealing to a large
group of characters. The most important element
though, is that the requirement MUST be characterRPGA
Character Creation Guide Living Forgotten Realms Page 11
based, not player-based. You CANNOT have
requirements such as player location or other
selection criteria based on the player of the character
(such as gender exclusion, criteria based on player
ethnicity/creed, etc.).
• When your character gains a level, the character
may either choose to leave an existing adventuring
company or join a new one. If your character has
never been a part of any adventuring company, you
may join an adventuring company at any time. Once
you’ve decided to leave an adventuring company, you
must wait until your character has gained a level. If
you’ve left an adventuring company, you must wait
until you’ve gained another level to join a new one.
Essentially, you’ll play one level without an
adventuring company if you decide you want to
switch adventuring companies with your character.
• Call it what you want, but watch your use of
existing organizations. You can call your adventuring
company a clan, a guild, a tribe, a family, a team, a
sect, or whatever you like, but you cannot create an
adventuring company that identifies itself as an
existing organization in the FORGOTTEN REALMS. For
example, you cannot call your adventuring company
the Flaming Fists, since that organization already
exists in and around Baldur’s Gate. However, you
could call them Burning Justice and make their
background up as a small team of righteous (lawful
good requirement) adventurers that have joined the
Flaming Fists (affiliation with Flaming Fists
requirement) to bring order to Baldur’s Gate and the
lands beyond. Consult the Forgotten Realms Campaign
Guide and Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide for
information on current and past organizations in the

Adventuring Company Benefits
If your character joins an adventuring company, make sure
to note it on your adventure log and character sheet. From
that point forward, your character gains two important
benefits. As the campaign progresses, more benefits may be
revealed for adventuring companies.
• Gain a bonus action point for the group when
playing at an adventuring company table.
Whenever a group has at least 4 members of the
same adventuring company playing at the same
table, the group gains a bonus action point to be used
during the adventure. The action point is used just
like a normal action point, although it does not count
against the user’s action point expenditure for the
encounter. All effects that trigger off of action point
use trigger off of the use of the bonus action point.
The bonus action point can be spent by anyone at
the table, but a majority of the group must agree on
the expenditure. Once the action point is spent, it is
gone for the remainder of the adventure. Your group
can only have one bonus action point in this manner.
• Participate in special adventuring company
challenges and events. The first such event takes
place this summer at Gen Con Indy. More
information on adventuring company activities will
follow later this year at
D&D im Raum Rhein/Main Wiesbaden:
"Piraten der Schwertküste" - Kampagnenlogbuch:,25299.0.html