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Nathan Grey

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Gamma World Spiel
« am: 08. Juni 2011, 11:19:48 »
Auf No Mutants Allowed gibt es eine Bericht, dass es bald ein Gamma World Spiel geben wird.
Ich kopiere die Newsmeldung von NMA mal einfach hier rein:

Atari has a surprise announcement for us from/during E3, GameBanshee reporting on a new action-RPG to be released on PC, XBLA and PSN: Gamma World: Alpha Mutation. Gamma World is a P&P setting whose rules are heavily inspired by AD&D, with a setting in the 25th century following a nuclear war. The bad news is the developer is Bedlam games, who just worked with Atari on the universally derided Daggerdale.

    In the fall of 2012, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, embarked on a new series of high-energy experiments. No one knows exactly what they were attempting to do, but a little after 3pm on a Thursday afternoon came The Big Mistake. Something unexpected happened, and in the blink of an eye, a multiplicity of possible universes condensed into a single reality. Welcome to Gamma Terra.

    Gamma World: Alpha Mutation sends you to Gamma Terra, a savage land of adventure, where the survivors of “The Big Mistake” must contend with radioactive wastes, rampant lawlessness, and monstrous predators. Against a nuclear backdrop, heroic scavengers search crumbled ruins for lost artifacts while battling mutants and other perils.

    Create your Gamma World hero from a variety of primary and secondary origins. Radiation-triggered Alpha Mutations change the players abilities in unpredictable ways throughout their adventure, and powerful Omega Technology will allow players to bend the laws of reality itself in their quest for survival.

    Explore Gamma Terra: Take on a variety of perilous missions through a variety of regions of gamma terra, from ruined cities to barren wastelands and beyond, the collision of multiple realities has created a world as exotic as it is deadly.

    The Quick and the Dead: Gamma world delivers the depth of an RPG and the action of third person shooter. Quick reflexes and split second decisions are just as important as effective character design.

    Lone Wolf or Death Squad: Take on missions solo or join up with friends to tackle the challenges of the Gamma Terra. Play with two players locally or up to four players online.

    Evolve Your Character with Alpha Mutations: Gamma World’s character customization system allows players to actively develop their character in almost unlimited ways.

    Discover Omega Technology: Powerful technology from other dimensions can turn the tides and preserve your hero’s life… for now.

    Conduct Weapons R&D: Scavenge the environment for parts to create new weapons, armor, tools and more. Your ingenuity is your edge in this fight for survival.


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Gamma World Spiel
« Antwort #1 am: 08. Juni 2011, 11:58:40 »
Also quasi Fallout mit Mini-Online-Mode... :)