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Different ways to enjoy anime on 9anime

9anime is a popular anime sharing service among anime fans. Check this guide on how you can enjoy anime using the 9anime app as well as the website now!

Anime, a term used to indicate Japanese animations, has been gaining its popularity all over the world since its beginning. This phenomenon can be attributed to its unique style where you can find a sophisticated mixture of the attractive storyline and eye-pleasing graphics. You can spend hours watching lively characters and end up totally losing track of time.

You can download 9anime by checking the link below:

The past decades have witnessed an increasing number of anime studios not only in Japan but also in the world. Some of the most well-known names such as Studio Ghibli and Pierrot have made their fans all around the world crazy with super successful series like Totoro and Dragonball. The impact of anime series has not been limited inside the Japanese borders but reached many other countries.

With technological advances, it’s even easier for anime fans to access their favorite content on the web. The growth of the Internet helps with fading the distance between the production studios and the fans. Thus, we can get our hands on the most updated series from anywhere as soon as we have a connection.

Moreover, the invention of smart devices and handy applications like 9anime or Netflix make everything even more convenient as they allow us to watch anime series without sitting in front of a computer screen like before. This is considered the most convenient way for anime fans to keep updated with what’s going on in the anime world so far.

There are currently a bunch of platforms for smart devices which offer users the streaming service for anime series. However, today I want to focus on the 9anime, one of the most satisfying platforms I’ve ever experienced.

Watch you favorite anime for free:

9anime is a recently launched platform for anime fans but are distinguishing itself as an outstanding utility for them. Let’s together look further into some ways to access this great service.

#1: Using the 9anime app

The first way is by using the 9anime app. This is the version developed for smartphones and tablets of the original sharing websites. This app should be a must-have for all anime fans for various reasons.

Excellent contents

9anime has an incredibly extensive collection of the anime series and movies. That can satisfy almost type of fans even the pickiest ones. The app supports videos in high quality to ensure that the sophisticated movements and stunning graphics are clearly conveyed.

Also, 9anime’s library is continually updated to make sure that users are kept noticed with the newest series and movies. This is undoubtedly an important facet when considering an anime app, isn’t it?

Another feature of the 9anime app is that it offers not only movies and series but also a lot of other contents relevant to anime such as the theme songs and wallpapers. If you love an anime, you definitely love the theme song and want to download it to your music player. Also, if you wish to have the beautiful wallpapers to decorate your device, the 9anime app has a large collection for you to download.
Enhance your anime experience with 9anime app:


The 9anime app has a friendly interface so the users will have no difficulty finding themselves the anime series and movies they want. Also, you can browse around on the app to check the great contents put on the homepage. You don’t even need to sign up or create an account to start watching. Cool, isn’t it?

Totally free

The 9anime app supports various operating systems including iOS and Android. Although you cannot find it on the Google Play Store due to their  policy, you can easily download the 9anime app apk and install into your device. 

#2: Accessing 9anime website

The alternative for the 9anime app is visiting a sharing website. This is a worth-considering choice if you don’t install the 9anime app into your device.

Easy to Use

The developers of 9anime have managed to bring their visitors the best experiences while on the website. The UI is simple and clean but totally work well with clear navigation. This well-designed UI definitely contributes much to the popularity of this website these days.

Download 9anime now and have using this awesome app:

The extensive collection of anime series and movies

Like the 9anime app, the website offers the users a large collection of contents for them to access at no cost and watch their favorite anime series online. Users can even download anime movies and series for free to watch offline later.

Also, the collections are divided into the sections based on the particular criteria such as Genres or Newest. If you want to find some titles, the search bar is right in the middle of the interface for you to make use.

It supports extensions which enable the free and easy downloading process. These extensions help users a lot with grabbing the videos. For example, you will not have to save videos one by one if you make use of the extensions.

Free and supportive

In order to fully enjoy 9anime’s service, all you need is a strong and stable Internet connection and a connected device. Also, 9anime has a really strong community of users all over the world. This means that you can call for assistance whenever you have trouble using the website and watch the anime series.

Final thoughts

So, that’s what I want to share with you guys today. As a huge fan of anime, I understand the feeling of looking for a source which offers the latest episodes of anime series for free. There are a lot of sharing services out there but it’s the huge number of available options that make you confused. 

9anime is my recent discovery and I am quite satisfied with this. It is free and easy to use no matter what you go for the website or the 9anime app apk. It can keep you updated with your favorite series and you can access its collection anytime and anywhere.

Don’t forget to download 9anime:

If you like what I shared, please like and share this post. Let me know on the comment below any of your thoughts. I will try to respond to you as quickly as possible!
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